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Mountain Biking
Momentum is Your Friend and Invictus Australia 


Invictus Australia collaborates with like-minded sporting organisations around Australia. Organisations, groups and committees that believe in the power of sport, to aid the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of veterans. One incredible sporting organisation we’re proud to work with is mountain bike (MTB) skills and coaching business, Momentum is Your Friend. Based on the central coast of NSW, Momentum is Your Friend hosts social MTB Club activities, along with skills and coaching clinics for people of all ages and skill levels. 


It’s estimated that there are over 613,000 veterans in Australia. Research shows that half of those who have served in the ADF have experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime, with recent research from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare identifying that younger veterans and especially those who are medically discharged – approximately 18 percent of those transitioning or around 1,000 individuals each year – are most at risk of death by suicide. Those suffering from physical and psychological issues or disorders as a result of their service are often left feeling isolated, marginalised and alone. 
It’s our partnerships and work with organisations such as Momentum Is Your Friend, that helps us assist the veteran community requiring support with transitioning from the ADF, who may be wounded, injured or ill, or are simply looking for proactive ways to stay active & connected following service. By using the camaraderie and power of sport, through curated activities and events, we help strengthen the physical and mental wellbeing of veterans and their families throughout Australia.   

invictus australia mountain biking


Momentum is Your Friend hosts a range of activities and events, which veterans and their families can get involved in. From lending a hand during trail maintenance days, volunteering with local MTB clubs, participating in race events, to joining in on social rides and much more. It gives everyone the opportunity to be amongst friends and form strong connections with like-minded people, all in a safe and welcoming environment. Which is what the Invictus legacy is all about. 
The incredible healing power of sport was made evident during a recent trial maintenance day held at the Awaba MTB Park. Veterans came together to perform restorative maintenance on the Downhill Track. Working together, they began to share their stories and military experiences. This shared experience saw many friendships quickly form. The group arranged to meet the following week for a social ride, and have all remained in touch since. 

“I’m really happy to be involved with Invictus Australia and I feel there is so much potential by combining our forces. Pun not intended, I promise! Being an active Reservist after 19 years’ service, and with over 30 years racing/riding experience to offer, I love the ability to grow a student’s confidence, changing the way they look at their world. Instead of “I can’t…” ask yourself, “HOW can I do this?”. By using what abilities you have, pushing the borders that confine you to allow yourself more room to grow, you start to see that some people begin to realise that they had the potential within them the whole time, they just needed someone to believe in them and maybe push them along with guidance and patience.” 

Sarah Booth  

Momentum is your Friend Head Coach and Co-owner Veteran and Reservist

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