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How is the Australian team selected?

The selection process for the Australian Invictus Games team, and the other Adaptive Sport teams starts with a call for nominations by the ADF. In previous years, over 200 applications have been received. Normally there would be a paper selection process once the EOI period has closed, this would down-select the applicants to a number that would then be invited to training/selection camps for each activity.

It is important to note that selection into the Adaptive Sport Program, and any of the teams within that program, doesn’t rely primarily on a competitive factors. The selection process aims to identify the individuals that would benefit most from the experience in their recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration efforts – taking into account attitude and behaviour, commitment and sportsmanship and to a lesser extent – readiness for competition.

Training and selection camps are held for the different sports at various locations around Australia and a final team is announced. For the Hague, a team of 32 were selected, made up of 26 former serving personnel and 6 current serving ADF members.

Competitors not selected to form part of the Australian team are offered opportunities to be involved in local sporting programs within their communities, and typically build a strong relationship with the team at Invictus Australia to support ongoing health & wellbeing through sport.