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Join veterans and their families all over Australia, to find a local, supportive sporting community suited to you

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The history of ‘Team Veteran’

Invictus Australia created Team Veteran Running Club as a parkrun club in 2019, back when we were Veteran Sport Australia.

While parkrun is where this all began, we encourage Team Veteran shirts to be purchased and worn no matter what sport you’re into!


What started out as a running group for veterans with the support of Invictus Australia, expanded to include all veterans, family members and anyone in the community wanting to show their support, including other ex-service organisations (ESOs) and now has 948 members who have completed over 42983 parkruns.


Team Veteran now enters teams in multiple sporting and recreational events around Australia, including True Grit military-inspired obstacle events. Get in touch to find out how you can get involved with Team Veteran, no matter what sport you’re into.



That same year saw us partner with Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling and parkrun to promote the team to an even larger group of veterans, their families and the community to spread the message of the healing power of sport and connection.  

2020 saw the collaboration evolve during Veteran Health Week, with the original purple shirts created. So many people wanted one that we ran out! 
Despite the challenges of COVID, 2021 saw Team Veteran go from strength to strength yet again, bringing RSL National into the fold.
Over time, the name has evolved simply to, Team Veteran, representing our commitment to collaboration & connection for veterans, their families, ESOs, government and sporting organisations through the power of sport. 

And the shirt has evolved too, making way for a fresh new design!

To join parkrun’s Team Veteran, follow these simple steps:

  1. Join parkrun  register at 
  2. Then, join the Team Veteran run club by following this link

Then jump online and purchase your Team Veteran running Tee or singlet, knowing you are helping Invictus Australia make a positive difference in the lives of veterans and families who have served, through the power of sport.

“I really enjoy the support we have from Invictus Australia to enable these sorts of programs so we can get out in our communities to get that camaraderie back that we may have lost after our service or during our transition.”

Joel Vanderzwan

Veteran and Invictus games competitor

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