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Invictus Australia and True Grit Join Forces to Empower Veterans Through Military Inspired Obstacle Events

Invictus Australia and True Grit Join Forces to Empower Veterans Through Military Inspired Obstacle Events 

May 2023: Invictus Australia, the not-for-profit dedicated to strengthening the wellbeing of veterans and their families through sport, is thrilled to announce a partnership with True Grit, Australia’s premier obstacle course race series. This collaboration will harness the power of resilience, determination, and teamwork to provide transformative experiences for veterans across the country. 

The partnership represents the ongoing expansion of Invictus Australia to empower more veterans and families facing physical and mental health challenges, through key connections with sporting groups. By combining expertise, resources, and a shared commitment, both organisations aim to create memorable and transformative opportunities for the Defence community.  

True Grit, renowned for its challenging and exhilarating obstacle course races, will offer free tickets per event for members of ‘Team Veteran’ (established by Invictus Australia), with a further discount for additional team members and dedicated waves exclusively for Team Veteran participants. These waves will provide veterans with a platform to showcase their resilience, camaraderie and unconquered spirit, fostering a supportive environment that celebrates their achievements.  

The partnership comes off the back of the successful Team Veteran inclusion at the recent True Grit: South Australia event. 14 wounded, injured and ill veterans took on the 10km military-style urban obstacle course, thanks to funding from the Invictus Games Foundation’s Endeavour Fund. This new relationship with True Grit demonstrates the sustainable, national impact Invictus Australia can generate locally following support from the international Invictus brand, providing a lasting legacy in Australia. 

In addition, the Invictus Games Foundation Endeavour Fund will continue to cover costs for any wounded, injured or ill veterans who participate as part of Team Veteran.

Invictus Australia CEO, Michael Hartung, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “The collaboration between Invictus Australia and True Grit is a testament to the shared belief in the indomitable spirit of our veterans. Together, we will create ongoing opportunities around the country for more veterans to experience the growth, camaraderie, and sense of achievement felt by completing a True Grit course. I am delighted to announce this partnership with True Grit and to acknowledge their commitment to supporting Australian veterans.” 

True Grit Director, Tom Gilmartin, echoes this sentiment, remarking, “True Grit is honoured to be joining forces with Invictus Australia given our courses are inspired by the incredible spirit of our military personnel. We have always admired the resilience and determination of our veterans, and through this partnership, we can harness the power of our events to empower them on their journey of recovery, wellness or reintegration. We look forward to providing a platform that celebrates their strength, supports their wellbeing, and fosters a strong community of like-minded individuals.” 

The collaboration between Invictus Australia and True Grit represents a powerful union that combines the expertise, resources, and passion of both organisations. It is a collective effort to promote physical fitness, mental resilience, and community integration among veterans, ultimately fostering an environment where they can thrive. 

Veterans who wish to join Team Veteran, powered by Invictus Australia, can email us at  

For further information about Invictus Australia and True Grit, or to inquire about sponsorship or partnership opportunities, please visit and  


About Invictus Australia: Invictus Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families through the power of sport. Established in 2018 following the successful Invictus Games Sydney, the organisation utilises adaptive sports and physical activities to inspire and enable veterans and families to rediscover their purpose, build resilience, and foster a strong sense of community. 

About True Grit: True Grit is Australia’s premier obstacle course race series, renowned for its challenging and exciting events held across the country. With a commitment to promoting physical fitness, mental resilience, and teamwork, True Grit offers a unique platform for individuals to test their limits, conquer obstacles, and experience personal growth in a supportive environment. 

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