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Invictus Australia focuses on local sport and recreation for all veterans and their families


Invictus Australia embeds the Invictus spirit into local communities around Australia to create local, sustainable approaches to improve the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families.

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Case Study

Ben is a proud Australian with Indigenous and Italian heritage, and is a former serving member of the Australian Army. He says, “Life has a unique and wonderful way of placing challenges on our path. Use these challenges as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around us. Everything is a learning experience. In my experience, connecting through the power of sport has been invaluable.” 


Mark Beard volunteering IG18-cycling-ceremony

Volunteering at the Invictus Games – a path to connection and veteran engagement 

Stories 7 Jun 2023
“Seeing everyone encouraging each other (at the Invictus Games) regardless of which country they were from & sincerely happy to see each other succeed – it really resonated with me.” Why veteran Mark Beard is volunteering at the next Invictus Games
Rodney Rocket 2022 Run

Ex Military man to run 500km in 106 hours

Stories 25 May 2023
Follow Rodney ‘Rocket’ Cottam’s as he embarks on his second trail run challenge for Invictus Australia: 500km in 106 hours, culminating at the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park on Fri 7 Jul 23
Able Seaman Taryn Dickens Invictus Games Training Camp 2023
True Grit Invictus Australia South Australia Team Veteran
NEC Australia Melbourne ZERO600 kick off

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