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Invictus Community

Invictus Australia focuses on local sport and recreation for all veterans and their families

Invictus spirit across the nation

Invictus Australia embeds the Invictus spirit into local communities around Australia to create local, sustainable approaches to improve the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families.

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Case Study

Ben is a proud Australian with Indigenous and Italian heritage, and is a former serving member of the Australian Army. He says, “Life has a unique and wonderful way of placing challenges on our path. Use these challenges as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around us. Everything is a learning experience. In my experience, connecting through the power of sport has been invaluable.” 



Team Bios Allied Winter Sports Camp 2023

20 Jan 2023
Invictus Australia in partnership with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) are sending a team of six former and current serving wounded, injured or ill veterans to Whistler as part of the Winter Allied Sports Camp taking place in Whistler this February. Another example of the power of sport to heal.
Battlefields to footyfields anzac match

From patrolling the battlefield to controlling the footy field

News 21 Dec 2022
Battlefields to Footyfields has benefited almost 150 current and former serving member in 2022
2020 Allied Winter Sport Camp
Invictus Games 2022 Athletics
Run Rocket Run photo 3
Michael and Maxine Starkey

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