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Getting off-road

Riding on a road or bike path can’t compare to the sensation of feeling at one with the bike, riding off-road and being surrounded by nature. 

For Denise Cox, Chief Operating Officer at Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), riding has always been a big part of life – from growing up with bikes to commuting and riding for the sheer thrill of it. 

“The beauty of mountain biking is that it’s an activity you can do at anytime and anywhere,” says Denise. “It connects you with nature and takes you to places a car or traditional road bike don’t have the capability to.”

Photo Credit: Mountain Bike Australia

Riding tandem 

Veteran Sport Australia is thrilled to announce MTBA as a new Sporting Partner. 

There’s been an explosion of popularity in bike riding for many years now and recent social distancing rules have encouraged even more people to rediscover the joys of getting around on two wheels. Bike sales have grown over the last few months and there’s been an increase in the number of people trying out popular trail networks.  

With growing awareness around the importance of staying active, this is the perfect time to try mountain biking. 

VSA will be working alongside MTBA to spread its mission of “developing and promoting mountain biking in Australia for the benefit and enjoyment of all”, which also extends to our veteran community. As Denise says, “Mountain biking is a family friendly activity and something all the family can do at the same time.” 

Get ready Darwin! 

An action-packed event for veterans has already been scheduled for the 18th of July in Darwin. It’ll be a ‘Come N Try’ for both mountain biking and BMX. The local clubs, ‘Darwin Off-Road Cyclists’ and ‘Satellite City BMX Club’, will be hosting the event and are eager to engage with as many veterans and their families in the Top End as possible. 

It’s a great time to be reaching out to the large veteran community in Darwin, with the Northern Territory one of the first States/Territories easing restrictions and resuming activities with safety guidelines. 

Photo Credit: Mountain Bike Australia

Important findings 

A study conducted by MTBA earlier this year found that the top motivators for participating in mountain biking were the mental health benefits, the socialness of recreational riding and that it’s a sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family at the same time. 

“Mountain biking is a very social activity,” says Denise. “Besides the racing – a small part of mountain biking – the biggest part of the sport are the social connections.” 

Mountain biking also has no age barriers and now, with the option of e-mountain bikes, it’s a sport that’s available to all, regardless of fitness levels or ability.

Photo Credit: Mountain Bike Australia

For more information about the event in Darwin on 18 July, and how to register your interest in hitting the trails and getting some air, check out our website.