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‘Stroke’ of genius: Invictus Australia and Rowing Australia take their partnership digital with the launch of the new Row Nation app 

Invictus Australia (IA) and Rowing Australia (RA) are excited to announce the addition of Club Team Veteran to Rowing Australia’s new Row Nation app, an inclusive and accessible digital indoor rowing training platform. 

To affirm Rowing Australia’s dedication to the Australian veteran community, ‘Team Veteran’ has been introduced to the app as an exclusive virtual rowing club, providing a safe and inclusive group for current and former serving Australian Defence Force personnel. 

Row Nation offers Team Veteran members on-demand workouts and tutorials accessible from the comfort of their own home or gym. Instructors guide rowers, from beginners to advanced, through workouts that will improve cardiovascular fitness, build strength, and burn calories, all within a supportive community of indoor rowing enthusiasts. 

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Toni Cumpston, Director Community Participation & Impact at Invictus Australia, said their partnership with Rowing Australia has enabled the organisation to better support and reach the growing veteran indoor rowing community. 

“This exciting new digital initiative aligns perfectly with Invictus Australia’s commitment to leveraging the benefits of indoor rowing, supporting veterans and their families,” Ms Cumpston said.  

“We’re thrilled to contribute to building a resilient and supportive community through this collaboration. The popularity of rowing, particularly indoor rowing, has grown exponentially within the veteran community following the introduction of the sport to the Invictus Games roster in 2014.” 

“Formalising our partnership with Rowing Australia in 2021 – and extending it again this year – has allowed us to reach more veterans and their families.  

This is all about harnessing the power of sport from a grassroots and community level, through to Adaptive Sports Programs at international competitions such as the Invictus Games.” 



Tufi Sele, Indoor Rowing Manager at Rowing Australia, said indoor rowing offered an unparalleled workout and the app was the gateway to an engaged and motivated community of fitness enthusiasts. 

“Rowing Australia is going beyond its traditional boundaries to harness the excellent health benefits of rowing and making these advantages widely accessible through this new venture,” Mr Sele said. 

“Indoor rowing offers a stellar workout, lauded for its low impact yet extensive muscle engagement, making it ideal for a diverse range of participants. 

“It offers a blend of cardiovascular and strength training, improves posture, reducing injury risk, and is being remarkably efficient in calorie burning. 

“Row Nation is a reflection of Rowing Australia’s goals to help create connected, healthy communities and we are proud to partner with Invictus to help make that a reality.” 

Invictus Australia and Rowing Australia are committed to the continuous enhancement of the Team Veteran club within the Row Nation platform to ensure it becomes an indispensable tool for physical, mental and social rehabilitation for the veteran community.  

Current and former serving veterans and their family members are encouraged to join Team Veteran on the Row Nation app. Download the app and search Team Veteran within the ‘club’ tab.  

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Nina Willoughby, GoodPR, +61 427 400 961 


About Invictus Australia: Invictus Australia is the NFP responsible for organising the Invictus Games Sydney 2018. We carry on the legacy of the Games every day in local communities, as all veterans and their families can benefit from involvement with sporting communities, particularly ‘at risk’ veterans. As well as promoting the physical, social and emotional benefits of sport, Invictus Australia shines a light on the unique needs of younger veterans and the challenges they face as they transition from military to civilian life. Find out more at  

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