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Zac Wheelchair Rugby League

Looking for an actioned packed sport to try? Give Wheelchair Rugby League a spin!

Stories 23 Nov 2021
Wheelchair Rugby League – the inclusive sport for everyone  Invictus Australia is always up for a ‘wheelie’ good time. We partner with and support, inclusive, veteran-friendly sporting organisations who share our passion. We are proud to announce our collaboration with Wheelchair Rugby League. Together we will help raise awareness and increase the participation of veterans and their families in the sport, across the country.  Everyone can play Wheelchair Rugby, no matter their age, skill…

The power of a chat

Stories 12 Nov 2021
A great example of the Invictus community found all around Australia, Bill Greenwood volunteers as a Run Director at Dubbo parkrun, and as a Crisis Support Officer. Bill, a retired detective and Vietnam veteran, explains why the two roles have become intertwined over the past four years, and how the simple act of coming to…
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