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Veteran Sport Australia is on the move! 

From Monday, 29 June, we will be shifting our operations from RSL NSW to become part of the existing entity and charity responsible for organising the highly successful Invictus Games Sydney 2018 – Australian International Military Games (AIMG).  

VSA was a concept created by the RSL Welfare and Benevolent Institution (RSL WBI) and AIMG, with the support of many organisations and government. VSA was established as a legacy of the Games that continues to deliver outcomes for the veteran community through the power of sport. 

Transitioning Veteran Sport Australia’s operations into AIMG is an exciting prospect and a terrific opportunity to continue to grow the support delivered by VSA. Importantly, the move will allow us to continue our important work, including partnering with the ADF and RSL in supporting ADF Adaptive Sport Program participants, building important Sporting Partnerships and supporting veterans and their families in local communities.

“We would like to acknowledge the vision and dedication of the WBI Trustees, who created this program and continue to work tirelessly to support veterans and their families,” said Michael Hartung, General Manager of Veteran Sport Australia. “Their support over the past 18 months from inception has been unwavering.”  

RSL WBI was created in 1964 to help veterans and their families affected by their military service. Unfortunately, the organisation’s objects are outdated, and it will voluntarily wind up later this year.  

“The Trustees of RSL WBI are proud of how VSA has helped so many veterans and their families, and are excited for its future in AIMG.” said Geoff Evans, President and Trustee of RSL WBI “We know the power of sport to change lives and we look forward to seeing the legacy of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 continue to thrive.”

Photo Credit: Closer Communications

Going forward, VSA will continue to work closely with RSL NSW, which has supported VSA since inception.  

“We would like to thank and acknowledge the RSL NSW Board of Directors, management and staff as well as the broader membership for their incredible support of this program and its work to support veterans and their families,” said Michael Hartung. “We look forward to continuing to work together with everyone connected with VSA – from veterans and their families to the Australian Defence Force, the RSL, our Teams & Events Advisory Committee, our Research & Advisory Committee, Ex- Service Organisations, veteran organisations and our VSA Volunteer Network.”

Photo Credit: Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence