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One more reason to join Team Veteran

Great news from parkrun earlier this month: you’re now be able to register to be a member of more than one parkrun Club.

Another reason to join 

Many parkrunners around Australia are members of a Club, from local running groups to company teams and community organisations. 

The news means that you can now join Team Veteran in addition to being a member of your current parkrun Club. In fact, you can be a member of up to five Clubs!

On the back of the success of the Team Veteran Veterans’ Health Week initiative last year, this is a big boost for continuing to grow the Team Veteran Club. Already inside the top 30 biggest parkrun Clubs in Australia, joining Team Veteran is a great way for all veterans and their families to stay connected to and active with your community.

Becoming more involved 

For any members of Team Veteran who are looking to get more involved in parkrun, there are always opportunities to volunteer at your local event, with roles ranging from timekeeping through to marshalling and tail walking. It’s a fantastic way to make new connections and contribute to a successful Saturday morning event every week.

If you’re already a volunteer and are interested in taking it a step further, why not apply to become a parkrun Ambassador? The Ambassador program was created in 2017 as a national support network of skilled and experienced volunteers. Ambassadors bring their excitement and enthusiasm to representing parkrun behind the scenes and roles include Events, Social Media and Grant Ambassadors.

Check out this blog post for more details, with applications closing on 14 February. 

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Running in the Hunter 

On the back of last year’s ‘Commit to Fit’ initiative, the Hunter Team Veteran now has a full calendar of meet ups for 2021.

The group of local veterans restarted earlier this month at the Newy parkrun and they’ll meet up at different parkrun run location each week.

“It’s such a friendly group and a mix of current serving and ex-serving members,” says Rachel Kerrigan, VSA Veteran Engagement Specialist in the Hunter. “My favourite part of the morning is the coffee and chat we have afterwards.”

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Hunter Team Veteran, get in touch with VSA today!