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Peter Brown 
Team Australia Invictus Games The Hague in 2022  


Peter joined the Australian Army in November 2011 as a Parachute Rigger but was medically discharged in 2020.

Peter had been dealing with his injuries for over 10 years, in addition to this, his mother had passed away and he was mis-diagnosed with cancer.

Through depression, anxiety, relationship breakdowns, he didn’t think he was worth being around.   

Peter Brown in military uniform


He suffered physical and mental injuries both from his time serving and personal reasons, but the Invictus Games saved him.

Through the power of sport he was able to begin the journey of recovery, and rehabilitate himself back into society. And most importantly, according to Peter, becoming a better father to his three kids.  

Watch his story here.

peter brown case study


Peter competed in the Sydney Invictus Games in 2018, and more recently in six events at the Invictus Games, The Hague in 2022. He secured 5 medals, but as Peter and all Invictus competitors say, it’s not about the medals. It’s the camaraderie, the sense of belonging and for Peter, the push he needed to strive towards recovery. 

While the Invictus Games offer a moment in time to shine a light on all current & former serving men & women who have become wounded, injured or ill while serving their country, all competitors talk about the impact of incorporating sport into their lives in a sustainable way that really makes the long-term difference.

And this can be achieved by all veterans, whether it’s participating or volunteering in local sport, on the international stage, or a combination of both. The key is getting started.

Peter Brown rowing The Hague Invictus Games


Peter proudly dons the ‘I AM’ Invictus motto in a tattoo on his forearm which he says, “the black going into the gold represents the darkness in his life and coming through all suffering and hard times into the sunshine, into the light. Your life is your destiny, you can chose how you want to make it. I’ve evolved as a person. I’ve become stronger, I’ve found inner peace and it all comes down to this, the Invictus Games and incorporating sport into my everyday life, beyond the Games.” 

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