Dr Catriona Rose

Catriona is a sport and exercise scientist who has been working with SPRINTER at the University of Sydney since 2019 after the completion of her PhD. During this time, she has gained experience developing and managing state and national evaluation of sporting programs and transferring this knowledge through reports and presentations back into the sector. Passionate about applied integration of current literature, Catriona aims to assist stakeholders in the sport sector apply learnings from these evaluations which contribute to the achievement of organizational strategic objectives of sporting organisations (e.g. increasing participation or evaluating novel inclusive practices). Much of this key research is also aligned with various Sustainable Development Goals (including reducing inactivity and the inequity in access to appropriate physical activity). These evaluations are designed to improve the sport sector’s awareness of their impact and recognize the potential for change to improve health and wellbeing of communities and individuals through sport. Catriona led the evaluation of the Round 1 Move It AUS grant program, delivered by Sport Australia in 2019-2021.  She has experience in evaluation design, delivery and training for the delivery of components of the evaluation. Combining these skills with her scientific training, and stakeholder management experience, she manages the pragmatic evaluation processes involved in real-world evaluation settings to produce high quality research and evidence in the sport sector.