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Team Bios Adaptive Sports Camp

Team Bios Allied Winter Sports Camp 2023

meet the team!

From 21st Feb – 2nd March 2023, Invictus Australia in partnership with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) are sending a team of six former and current serving veterans to Whistler as part of the Allied Winter Sports Camp.

The team have been selected from the ADF Adaptive Sport Program, which is open to former & current service personnel from all branches of the regular or reserve ADF who have become wounded, injured or ill during their service. The camp is one of a number of programs that Invictus Australia are involved in, that aim to strengthen veteran wellbeing through recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration following discharge.

Get to know your team!

corporal jason moore

“With my mental health challenges, I have good days and bad, just like everyone else. But on those days where it seems too much to carry on, to face the world or even get out of bed in the morning, sport has always been there. It’s given me purpose and drive when I haven’t had any. It’s given me a sense of belonging when I’ve felt empty and alone inside.”

Jason Moore Headshot

laura reynell

“My greatest achievement would be how far I have come in my healing and post injury journey. Not only is it my greatest achievement but I am also extremely proud of myself. I am constantly surprising myself with what I can do and I believe this is only the beginning and I cannot wait to see where I am in another 12 months from now.”

steven richards

“Sport has helped me maintain a level of competitiveness and that desire to win against all odds. “

Steven Richards Headshot

Karen Thomas 

“Sport has helped me physically and mentally. I now use sports as a physical therapy to aid in my mobility and ongoing care, as well as something to manage stress and anxiety, and bring me joy. I like being able to set goals that I can train towards and achieve. This gives me a sense of purpose and a focus of energy.”

Karen Thomas Headshot

Kate Rose

Unconquered to Kate means, “Resilience, Tenacity, Determined, Focused, Energized.”

Catherine Rose Headshot

Able Seaman Heidi Giudice

“I applied for the Adaptive Sports Program after a friend mentioned it to me. I was suffering with really bad mental health and knew I had to push myself to do something. I know how much sports can help with recovery and knew I needed to give this a try.”

Heidi Guidice Headshot

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