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Team Australia Invictus Games Training Camp Powerlifting Session

Team Australia together for Invictus Games training camp

Invictus Australia, together with the Australian Defence Force, is supporting a team of 32 current and former serving military personnel on their journey to the Invictus Games The Hague. The Games will be held in the Netherlands from  16-22 April, 2022.  Our competitors have waited an extra two years for their moment, with the 2020 Games postponed twice due to COVID. Now, they are ready. 

Competitors in Team Australia recently participated in the first training camp of the year. The Training Camp took place in Sydney at the Sydney Academy of Sport & Recreation over four days from 11 – 14 February. 26 members of Team Australia made their way to Sydney from around the country. For many, it was the first opportunity they have had to train with their teammates in over 12 months. 

Australian competitors from six different sports were able to participate in the recent camp which included:  

  • Wheelchair basketball  
  • Wheelchair rugby  
  • Archery  
  • Indoor Rowing  
  • Sitting Volleyball  
  • Powerlifting   

Team Australia is unconquered together 

Having spent so much time unable to train together, the main focus of this camp was to get the Team together to regroup and reconnect. An intensive training session was planned by coaches and captains and, Team Australia was more than up for the challenge. 

Let the competition begin! 

All Competitors were encouraged to participate in their training and practice session wearing the full competition kit for the upcoming Games. And, they definitely looked the part. Their days were packed with realistic, thorough and specific training sessions to ensure all competitors got the most from the camp. 

Rowing Australia kindly provided indoor rowing equipment and their expertise to ensure our Indoor Rowing team was able to experience a Team Competition. Rowing pro, Rob Glendenning from Drummoyne Rowing Club was onsite to lend a hand and his experience as well.  

Our Powerlifting team also enjoyed some friendly competition between its members. The team spirit and camaraderie was strong – there was a great buzz throughout the camp. 

Making up for missed time

The team sports of Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Basketball and Sitting Volleyball were a vital part of the camp. The competitors in these teams have unfortunately missed valuable preparation time together due to the continued impact of the pandemic.  All members were excited to finally be in the same place at the same time. They truly are unconquered together and made up for their missed time together. 

Thanks to Disability Sport Australia, and General Manager Kelsey Singh, the team for Sitting Volleyball was able to use a world-class net system for the first time at a training camp. 

And, Head Joint Support Services Division, Major General Douglas Laidlaw, AM, CSC, met Team Australia Wheelchair Rugby competitors to offer inspiration, support  and advice.  

Australian Army officer Major General Douglas Laidlaw, AM, CSC, meets the Invictus Games 2020 Team Australia wheelchair rugby competitors during a training camp at the Sydney Academy of Sport & Recreation at Narrabeen, NSW.
Australian Army officer Major General Douglas Laidlaw, AM, CSC, meets the wheelchair rugby competitors.

The power of sport and spirit of Invictus has the potential to change lives. Veteran, Invictus Games 2018 Sydney and 2018 Warrior Games competitor, Emilea Mysko, has experienced this first hand. 

“Becoming part of the program, literally saved my life. Winning is success in my sporting activities through participation, developing friendships with like-minded people from across the world, as well as developing a greater Invictus Games family for support when needed.”  

 Invictus Australia is responsible for financially supporting the former-serving personnel of Team Australia, and their families. The ADF is responsible for supporting all current serving personnel. We work in partnership to support and deliver the team to each Games and create a cohesive and positive experience for all competitors, their family and friends.    

The Invictus Games demonstrates the power of sport to positively influence the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of current and former serving Defence veterans who have been wounded, injured or become ill during their service. This philosophy underpins Invictus Australia’s work to impact a broader audience of veterans and their families, with an estimated 613,000 veterans in Australia.      

Team Australia Invictus Games Training Camp Wheelchair Session
photos credit: Defence Australia

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