Chris Burson Invictus Australia

Chris Burson

Chris joined the Army in Dec 2002 as a Combat Engineer at 3CER. He then moved to a reserve unit where he reintegrated with his civilian mates playing footy (aussie rules) and basketball. He realised his life had been Army full time and nothing else since joining, and that he needed to still be part of the wider community for his mental wellbeing. Leaving Melbourne to head to Sydney as a Loadmaster at 171 Anv Sqn, he continued to take part in footy (during the season playing cameos) and surfing, when not deployed or out-field. After discharging and joining the police force, the footy club provided a safe environment that enabled him to go from one uniform family to another whilst finding his feet moving into a new role. As a negotiator at the Critical Incident Response Team, Chris came across veterans who were struggling to integrate and fit in with society post service. Sport provided the easiest pathway to finding a new purpose and mates. Chris enjoys basketball, archery, football, beach volleyball and generally any sport that leads to some banter and enjoyment.