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The power of Volunteering for Veterans

For over a year, Invictus Australia has provided a weekly indoor rowing program to veterans and their families in the Shoalhaven, on the South Coast of NSW. This has been made possible through the highly skilled and generous coaching efforts of Jess Richardson. Invictus Australia would like to extend our gratitude to Jess and tell you a little bit about her and the amazing volunteer work she does for the veteran community. 

Growing up in the Shoalhaven, Jess found her passion of rowing in high school, and has loved the way the sport has provided her with opportunities throughout her life, including to work and travel through the sport overseas With a background in  Development Studies and Master of International Public Health, Jess spent time working to promote inclusion in sport for women and people with a disability in Vanuatu, where she also volunteered as a rowing coach.  

The power of volunteering

Jess has competed at the state and national level in rowing and has loved the opportunity to be able to give back to the community through volunteering for Invictus Australia. For Jess, being a volunteer with Invictus Australia means being involved in sport for a purpose other than just competing. It is about providing people with an opportunity to connect and not feel isolated.

Sport is a great way to bring people together and opens up an opportunity for conversation about difficult topics. This can help people to work through challenges they may be facing in life, instead of facing them alone.”

Jess Richardson

volunteer indoor rowing coach

Jess stated that “Indoor rowing is a fantastic whole-body activity and low impact. It helps with endurance, speed, balance, core stability, cardiovascular fitness and coordination. It also provides connection with others”.

thank you jess!

Volunteering Jess Richardson landscape

Invictus Australia would like to extend sincere gratitude and recognition to the amazing volunteer work that Jess Richardson does with the Invictus Australia Indoor Rowing Program. Her dedication and efforts are greatly appreciated and her hard work and passion has made such a positive impact in the lives of those who participate in the activity.

why volunteer?

Volunteering is an essential element in sport. Sport Australia estimates 2.3 million Australians volunteer their efforts to sport and physical activity each year, which makes community, competition and elite events possible. Without volunteering, we simply couldn’t enjoy the active, sporty lifestyle us Aussies are known for.

Even more, studies show that volunteering keeps you healthier and happier. ‘The benefits of volunteering are documented, the ABS reports that sports volunteers live healthier lifestyles. They also are more community oriented, and report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction when compared to those who don’t. Report 21 Dec 2016.[1]

So at Invictus Australia we thank and acknowledge all the volunteers that support our work, and all sport around the country. Plus we actively encourage veterans and their family members to connect with local communities through volunteer opportunities, as it creates wonderful social connections and camaraderie. If you would like to find a local volunteer opportunities near you, get in touch.

Check out a wonderful community Sport day recently held in Canberra for the Defence community, supported by an incredible crew of volunteers

Invictus australia’s rowing partnership

Invictus Australia have partnered with Rowing Australia for years, to provide serving, former serving and family members of the ADF with the opportunity to become qualified as an Indoor Rowing Coach. Thanks to the NSW Government the online Riggers coaching accreditation course is provided free and is suitable for ages 16 and above. Indoor Rowing is also one of the crowd favourites at the Invictus Games, and a wonderful adaptive option for veterans of all abilities.

Invictus Australia’s frontline staff, members of the Veteran community, deliver sport and recreational programs all around Australia throughout the year. Please get in touch if you would like to find an activity for you or your family

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