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Veteran families tear up the track at Maitland BMX

In late August, families got to experience BMX Australia’s first ‘Ride Into BMX’ Family Day for veterans thanks to the Maitland Tenambit BMX Club, VSA and Soldier On.

Maitland BMX hosted the ‘come n try’ day, which was free for all veterans and their families.

Over 50 families came along to give riding BMX a go, including veterans, their families, friends and other supportive members of the local community.  

“It was fantastic to see so many different families come and get involved in the day” said Rachel Kerrigan, Veteran Engagement Specialist for VSA. “We knew from expressions of interest that we’d get a good turnout, but we didn’t expect this many!”

Veteran families are a big part of the local community in Maitland, so it was great to see them fully embrace this opportunity to give their kids a taste of the sport.

Participants were given lessons on how to ride from the starting gate down the first hill, when to brake and where to have your pedals when going over jumps and hills. Less experienced riders rode in groups with club riders so they could get some helpful coaching along the way, and kids under four were even given lessons on stopping and riding around corners.

“Everyone seemed to really enjoy the day” said Rachel, “and the club are already talking about putting on another day like this in the new year”.  

This ‘come n try’ day was made possible following discussions between VSA and BMX Australia and is a great example of using national collaboration to develop local opportunities.  

The day wouldn’t have been possible without the willingness and enthusiasm of the team at Maitland BMX and the families in the area who were keen to get involved. The BMX club generated excitement in the community and made the day really special for everyone who took part.

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