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New team member for Invictus Australia in Nowra

July 2022: Invictus Australia is pleased to announce it is expanding it’s team with a dedicated Veteran Engagement Co-ordinator appointed in Nowra. 

Welcome, Justine! 

Thanks to the support of the Shoalhaven Ex Services Group, we’re excited that Justine Lugg started earlier this month, based in the interim Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre. Justine will be responsible for connecting with veterans and their families based on the NSW South Coast, to encourage them to improve their health and wellbeing through the power of sport.

As an Army wife of more than 12 years, Justine appreciates the opportunities and recognises the sacrifices military life entails. Her family have completed postings across the eastern coast of Australia, and recently moved to the Shoalhaven region for a new adventure. Having most recently worked on delivering programs and events for Towoomba Defence families, Justine now relishes the opportunity to create similar opportunities in NSW.

Being based in the Veteran Wellbeing Centre allows Invictus Australia to continue working closely with RSL Lifecare and Open Arms, creating a one stop shop for the Defence Community to access a range of services. This collaborative approach underpins Invictus Australia’s philosophy and is reflected in our relationships with National and Local Sporting Organisations, veteran-centered groups, government, corporates and the public in communities across Australia.

Justine with Fiona Phillips MP at a local veterans days in Nowra

WE love Shoalhaven Ex Services Group!

It’s the commitment by the Shoalhaven Ex Services Group that enables Invictus Australia to have this permanent presence in Nowra, and we can’t thank them enough!

According to Bernie Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Shoalhaven Ex-Services Group:

“Our club is pleased to support Invictus Australia build a stronger presence in our community. We already witness the great work they do and see lots of potential for the future”

“The Shoalhaven Ex-Services Group provides services to a large community, which comprises a high proportion of veterans and their families. This is a natural fit for our community and our values, where we want all our members to live happy and healthy lives and be proud of the organisations we are able to support”

Debbie Dimmock, Veteran Engagement Specialist for Invictus Australia across southern NSW, is excited to have a dedicated specialist based in Nowra. With Justine joining the team, Debbie can focus on increasing her impact with other communities in NSW including Canberra, Wagga Wagga and Albury, and is excited for this phase of growth.

“It’s wonderful having Justine join the team and we’re just so grateful for all the support from Bernie and the Shoalhaven Ex-Services Group. It means we can reach more veterans, include more families and encourage the South Coast Defence community to get active and connected through sport. As an Army spouse myself, I know the benefits of getting involved in organised sporting communities are huge for maintaining a healthy body and improving mental wellbeing. We are so excited that, with the help of the Club, we can extend the work we have been doing on the South Coast.”

Working with the Nowra Veterans’ Wellbeing Centre 

Working with the Nowra Veterans’ Wellbeing Centre run by RSL LifeCare is the perfect way to positively impact the Defence community, through collaboration.

There’s a very strong veteran community on the South Coast, including over 2,500 serving members from HMAS Albatross and HMAS Creswell alone. The Centre will provide a central point for veterans and their families to access assistance from government, health services, other ex-service organisations and community groups.   

Connecting with our community 

Justine’s already connecting with local veterans and their families to encourage them to improve their wellbeing through sport, as well as ESOs, Sporting Organisations, local politicians and community groups, and it’s just the beginning.

Watch this space! 

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