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ZERO600 Morning Routine Challenge

ZERO600 ambassador a howling success

After eight years of professional Rugby League, Dave ‘Wolfman’ Williams has done it all, from the heights of winning a Premiership and representing his country, to the lows of numerous injuries which finally ended his career.  

It’s this experience with injuries and transitioning from a team and community that he loved, that gives Wolfman an appreciation for what our wounded, injured and ill veterans go through, particularly those that are involuntarily discharged from service.

“It’s a kick in the guts. You feel like you’ve got more to give but your body is saying no, and the decision is taken away from you. I’m not comparing my footy career to the incredible job and tough choices our military personnel make, but I guess I can understand a bit about how they feel when a chapter ends. I was lost, and adapting sport and exercises meant I could still train, feel strong and capable. It really helped get my head back in the game.”

Watch the Wolfman in action in the ZERO600 TVC

Dave’s belief in the power of sport for recovery shines through in his new career as a Fitness Coach with a focus on rehabilitation, sport-specific training, workplaces wellbeing and kids fitness.

Dave also comes from a family of first responders, which provides him an insight into the impacts of service, and how sport and the connection and the camaraderie it provides, can have positive outcomes on mental health. 

At Invictus Australia, we feel it’s this respect for our Defence community, and understanding how impactful sport can be following a major transition – whether it’s professional sport or from the Defence force – that make the Wolfman a great ambassador for Invictus Australia’s ZERO600 Challenge. So we were thrilled when he donated his time to film a TVC for ZERO600 – we hope you like it.

Dave has taken this wealth of knowledge and experience to help his fellow humans be healthier, happier, and hairier if possible. And at Invictus Australia, we think that’s awesome! 

Wolman ZERO600 ambassador Invictus Australia
Dave ‘Wolfman’ Williams ZERO600 ambassador

about the zero600 morning routine challenge

Developed alongside the military community, the challenge incorporates elements designed to clear your mind, energise your body and inspire your soul in preparation for the day ahead. 


  • Register as an individual or a team at 
  • Select from one of three morning routines:
    1. New Recruit (30-minute routine) 
    2. Deployment Ready (45-minute routine) 
    3. Special Forces (60-minute routine) 
  • Call on your community to donate to your challenge 
  • Complete your chosen routine for 10 days from 1st May to 10th May 2022 and conquer the morning! 

Raise money for Australian veterans and their families by getting up and out the door by 6am every day for 10 days. Complete one of three morning routines to supercharge your day for success. Will you rise beside our Aussie veterans?

Invictus Australia ZERO600 Morning Routine Challenge Stretching

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