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Easec support ZERO600 for Invictus Australia

Rehab provider Easec rises beside Aussie veterans for ZERO600

A fundamental starting point to a fulfilling day is a morning routine that provides structure and purpose. So, Invictus Australia launched the ZERO600 Morning Routine Challenge in 2022 – our inaugural national fundraiser calling for participants to get up and out the door by 6am for 10 consecutive days in May.

The ZERO600 Challenge gave participants a military-based framework developed alongside our Defence Force’s finest, to suggest mood-boosting morning routines, whilst raising much needed funds to support Australia’s veteran community.

The idea was sparked by the insight that underpins Invictus – movement, sport and community is integral in aiding the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of Australian veterans following their service. It also plays a major role in improving their general wellbeing, whilst creating a healthy mind, body and spirit. This philosophy runs through ZERO600, the programs we support and the experience of ZERO600 participants, including corporate team Easec.

Easec is an established and highly respected occupational rehabilitation company and for 16 years has had strong focus on Veteran rehabilitation and employment services. This year, members of the EASEC team conquered the ZERO600 Challenge with their commitment to completing 10 military-style mornings and raising vital funds for Invictus Australia.

The team of dedicated staff have an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of the Defence community, which made ZERO600 a challenge they accepted with great enthusiasm. All of the staff involved felt a huge sense of pride and fulfilment when getting behind the challenge in support of Invictus Australia and their work with veterans, while also grasping the opportunity to create some healthy morning routines for themselves.

“Everyone is struggling to find their optimum routine since the disruption of the last couple of years, and our team is no different.  We have been supporting each other with lots of different ways to recalibrate, and ZERO600 was one opportunity to commit to a daily routine whilst acknowledging the service of our veterans and their families.  At EASEC we feel privileged to work with the veteran community, and see this is a way of giving back.” Julia Bunn, General Manager, Easec

Team EASEC  were spread all across Queensland from Cairns to the Gold Coast, and all chose to conquer their mornings and rise beside our veterans. The Challenge helped to strengthen bonds amongst team members who, no matter how far apart, united to kick start their day and encourage each other to be up at 0600 to make the most of their morning.

Team Easec smashed fundraising goal

At the start of the Challenge, Team EASEC set themselves a goal to raise $500 for Invictus Australia. By the end, they had more than doubled their target, raising $1,015!

All funds raised during the ZERO600 Challenge go directly towards supporting national sporting programs that are fundamental to Invictus Australia’s commitment to veterans and their families. This includes community sporting events and ‘Come and Try Days’ for all ages and abilities. Funds also go directly towards our support of Team Australia and each competitors’ journey to the Invictus Games – be that through the running of Invictus Games training camps, assisting with travel costs for competitors and their families to the Invictus Games, and much more.

Similar to Invictus Australia, EASEC mission is to support veteran’s transition to live fulfilling meaningful lives. The ZERO600 Challenge helped Team EASEC to live that mission by starting their days with purpose and intent. So, why not get your business or organisaiton involved?

“The ZERO600 Challenge provides great structure to any corporate health initiatives you may be utilising in your organisation.  It ticks the boxes for mental and physical health in an achievable cost-effective package, with the added bonus of raising funds and recognising the contribution of our veterans.”

A huge congratulations and thank you to the staff at EASEC for their support of Invictus Australia and the ZERO600 Challenge. The funds donated will make a huge difference in the lives of Australian veterans and their families. We look forward to having Team EASEC onboard again next year!

If you or your business, sporting organisation, gym or community would like to rise beside our veterans, please get in touch with Invictus Australia at to find out how to get involved.