A combination of tennis, squash and badminton taking the world by storm.

Pickleball in QLD

Pickleball, the fastest-growing sport worldwide, is making a splash in the realm of physical and mental well-being. This “racquet and ball” game offers an ideal blend of fun and fitness for all ages and skill levels. As you step onto the court, you’re not only embracing a low-impact, cardio-friendly sport but also diving into a world of camaraderie, teamwork, and mental vitality.

Research has consistently highlighted the positive influence of team sports on mental health, making pickleball a compelling choice for those seeking not only physical fitness but also the mental boost that comes from the shared pursuit of fun and fitness.

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Pickleball Australia, as the national governing body and our partner, champions the growth of pickleball across the nation, making it accessible to all. Their expertise and resources ensure that individuals of all backgrounds can experience the mental and physical well-being benefits of this rapidly expanding sport.

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Perfect Partnership with Pickleball and Invictus

pickleball is growing

“Invictus Australia are delighted to announce our partnership with Pickleball Australia, and look forward to introducing the Australia Defence Community to this inclusive sport. The opportunity to participate in pickleball either as a participant, official or volunteer provides another avenue for our veterans and their families to enhance their health and wellbeing through being active and connected to the community of pickleball.”



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