Rugby League

Rugby League is an all-inclusive sport and there are opportunities for veterans and the whole family

Rugby League has programs for juniors, youth, those with physical disabilities, men, women, social, universities, school, primary, college, learning disability, masters, touch, tag, sky try, and wheelchair.   

There are many opportunities within the sport of Rugby League including refereeing, sports trainer, coach, volunteer as well as playing, and we can help you find a veteran-friendly club in your area.  

Wheelchair Rugby League is a highly inclusive adaptive version of the sport. There are wheelchair competitions right around Australia, providing an opportunity for friends and family to play sport with disabled loved ones with opportunities to represent your State and Country on the international stages. 

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“You can’t underestimate the healing impact of sport – it got me out on the weekends, as I followed the kids to their sport after being freshly discharged, it expanded my scope of friends, creating connections in the community & helped me evolve back into a human after being a soldier for so long. You are creating common ground with people, whereas when I was in the army you are always hanging with your army mates, so when you leave the army you don’t have anything to talk about.  You’ve got to find that common ground and sport was a bridge to create that new team environment – because you are part of a club, a team and you find a new core of friends.”   

Kevin Lomax


Partnering with Invictus Australia, the NRL developed the ‘Battlefields to FootyFields’ (B2F) program to encourage and support veterans to join the rugby league refereeing and sports trainer ranks.   
Through the Battlefields to FootyFields program, veterans are trained to become accredited referees & sport trainers and are supported throughout their journey – from officiating local club matches to higher honours. There are also opportunities for veterans with physical impairments to join the program as mentors.   

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