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Exciting, fun and impactful! Give a range of wheelchair sports a spin – suitable for all abilities and a great leveler on the court

An army veteran, Bretherton suffered a nightmare injury to his ankle that would ultimately see his right leg amputated below his knee. Sport has played a crucial part in his recovery. He loves the competition and sticking his hand up and having a go.  

“Wheelchair rugby league gives the ability to play in a team environment that mimics the able body game with full contact.” 

“I love how wheelchair sports have progressed and the stigma associated with it, now looking at the chair as a piece of equipment,” says Bretherton. “This is a fully inclusive sport. It gives the ability for friends and family to play sport with disabled loved ones with opportunities to represent Queensland and Australia on the international stages.” 

Bear Bretherton
Sydney Invictus Games competitor 2018 

From rugby to basketball and AFL, plenty of opportunities exist for veterans of all abilities to jump in a chair and play sport at a community, state or international level. 

Wheelchair sport is hugely popular in the Invictus Games too, with Wheelchair Rugby and Wheelchair Basketball always drawing a crowd for the action-packed games. And wheelchair Basketball has become one of the most popular sports at the Invictus Games with six nations competing in the 2018 Sydney Games. 

“Sport has helped my recovery because it’s allowed me to set goals, to set little stepping stones along the way. I feel a sense of achievement and sense of belonging (to a team), something to strive for together. I really love the ability to play basketball again which is something I did before my injury and I love just being in that team environment and that mateship we have on court.” 

Emilea Mysko  
Veteran and Invictus Games Competitor

Ready to play wheelchair sport?

If you are interested in a sport that isn’t listed on our website, get in touch. With our contacts in the sporting industry, we have avenues to explore to help you find your tribe. 

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