We connect veterans with accessible, engaging sailing experiences across Australia. 

Sailing Jervis Bay with Invictus Australia

At Invictus Australia, we work together on programs, initiatives and offers to encourage veterans and their families from around Australia to become involved – and stay involved – with some of the best sporting communities that Australia has to offer. 


Sailing holds a special place in our hearts as it was the sport we added to the schedule for the Invictus Games Sydney, as per the right afforded to us as the host organising committee. We felt it represented the Aussie love of the outdoors, healing power of saltwater and a celebration of our healthy lifestyle. Since 2018, we have collaborated with sailing clubs around the country to create inclusive sailing opportunities for veterans and families. Why not come and join us on the water?

“When you have a participant turn up, it’s amazing the change from the beginning of the day to the end of the day,” says Tom. “Everyone’s a bit distant, as far away from one another as possible, then they come on board and go sailing together as a team and then afterwards we all sit down together for lunch. That wouldn’t have been possible before. Miraculously, after a couple of hours on the water, everyone is sitting around having lunch talking to each other.” 

Tom Spithill
Sports Competition Manager for Sailing at the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 and Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. 

If you are interested in a sport that isn’t listed on our website, get in touch. With our contacts in the sporting industry, we have avenues to explore to help you find your tribe. 

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