E sports

Getting involved in the growing pastime of E-sports has never been easier, with Invictus Australia developing partnerships around Australia and globally to provide competitions and leagues for military veterans and their families.

With the rapid growth of participation in computer games, gaming has become an organised, competitive and professional sport, known as ‘Esports’.  The sport has the potential to empower individuals and build a sense of community that transcends gaming events.

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, Esports provides a great way to develop your skills while connecting with veterans and their family members in your local area. Events facilitated by Invictus Australia will provide a platform for teamwork and skill to meet the fast-paced world of gaming.

Ready to get into esports?


Invictus Australia is currently exploring partnerships with Esports organisations with the goal of facilitating gaming events for local Defence communities.

With possible plans to relaunch a team in the Australian Esports League Cup, veterans and their family members wishing to get involved and try this emerging sport can keep up to date by joining their local Facebook group.

If you are interested in a sport that isn’t listed on our website, get in touch. With our contacts in the sporting industry, we have avenues to explore to help you find your tribe.