Indoor Rowing

Rowing is a great community sport, driven by committed club administrators and coaches, and provides safe, fun and rewarding experiences for all participants.

Team Australia competitors line up side by side in the indoor rowing at Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023

Indoor Rowing is a sport for life, accessible to people of all ages, genders, fitness and skill levels.    

Getting involved in Indoor rowing is easy and rewarding, with over 185 schools and 156 clubs offering rowing programs. As well as participating, there are plenty of other opportunities within rowing such as coaching, officiating and development and administration roles in clubs.  


Indoor Rowing is one of the most popular sports at the Invictus Games and among the Australian veteran community.  

Ready to get into indoor Rowing?

“Indoor rowing became a tool to support my ongoing physical and mental rehabilitation. It also connected me with a wonderful international network of amazing people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. It’s a wonderful low impact sport that allows you to nurture and maintain your fitness whilst reducing the risk of injury. Similarly, it’s open to people of all abilities. I have seen people compete in their 90’s, others missing both legs (using a modified seat) as well as others missing both arms (shoulders strapped to the handle).” 

Ben Farinazzo
veteran & Invictus Games competitor


Partnering with Invictus Australia, Rowing Australia is working on different initiatives to get veterans and their families rowing, including the annual ANZAC Challenge between Australia and New Zealand. There are also opportunities for veterans to get involved in Rowing Australia’s coaching structures.   

To keep up to date with upcoming events and connect with your area’s Defence community join your local Facebook group.

If you are interested in a sport that isn’t listed on our website, get in touch. With our contacts in the sporting industry, we have avenues to explore to help you find your tribe. 

“Rowing is one of those sports that’s really a whole-body workout. When you go to the gym, the one piece of equipment that is the best for you to exercise on and give you that whole body workout is the indoor rower,”

“It’s great for your health, great for exercise and just a lot of fun.” 

Alison Creagh

30-year veteran of the Australian Army
Army Reservist & president of Rowing ACT.

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