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Recovery through Remount – profound healing with horses and Invictus Australia 

In a world that can lack insight into the struggles faced by some military veterans post-service, Invictus Australia and Remount are shining beacons of hope and support. By harnessing the transformative power of sports and community, these aligned organisations have dedicated themselves to empowering veterans and helping them regain control of their lives.  

What did I get out of the weekend? I am now part of another family. Many thanks for the opportunity to participate in Remount.”

veteran participant

The military, in many ways, is akin to being part of a tightly-knit family. Within its ranks, personnel forge unbreakable bonds built on shared experiences, camaraderie, and a common purpose. Like a family, they rely on each other for support, protection, and trust. However, when the time comes to discharge from the military, this transition can be challenging, particularly if it is involuntary. 

This is where sport, and activities like Remount, can play a pivotal role in recovery and rebuilding social connection, and why Invictus Australia considers this partnership so important. 

In early June, an Invictus and Remount weekend camp supported the participation of five veterans, bolstered by a team of 10 volunteers, several of whom were veterans themselves and had previously participated in the course. 

More effective than medication? 

Remount is a not-for-profit organisation delivering horsemanship programs for current and former service men and women and their families, who may be experiencing stress related to their service, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or physical injury. Horses provide a “circuit-breaking” opportunity, enabling change in people’s lives which creates positive pathways that have long lasting effects.  

One participant summed up the impact powerfully, with this:

“I’m on 9 different medications and just being here for half a day I already feel better than I have in a very long time”. 

Invictus Australia began their partnership with Remount three years ago, and have witnessed the ‘Power of Horses’ to heal, ground and rejuvenate members of the Defence Community who may be experiencing physical or mental health issues and injury as a result of their service.  

Steve, a recent participant in an Invictus Australia and Remount two day camp, experienced the inspiring and transformative effects of this program. 

I feel very privileged to have participated in such a program. For me, a special mention has to go to Ben. I have been ‘around the block’ a few times; however, I have never met anyone like Ben. His presence, ability to engage with people, facilitate discussion and direct conversation and instruction is without doubt inspiring. Yes, I learnt a lot about horsemanship on the weekend; but I also learnt a lot from Ben about compassion and leadership. Like I said, he is a unique and inspiring man, and I feel privileged to have met him.”


veteran participant

Run exclusively by volunteers, this not-for-profit organisation provides all-inclusive two to four day programs held on a picturesque family farm. The 121 hectare property in Bowning NSW is owned and operated by Ben and Marina Maguire, with the support of their daughter Harriette, ringers, mentors and back-of-house staff. Everyone involved offers their time and expertise to better the health and wellbeing of guests, and to create an environment that is inclusive, supporting and inspiring.

Another guest on this recent trip, Jodie experienced firsthand the life-changing effects of this program. 

“When you said I would be reluctant  to leave on Sunday, I didn’t believe you…. Man I did not want to leave. I forgot how much horse riding I have done, and it all flooded back to me on the second day.  

Being there really helped me to breath, and to allow myself to trust and go with the flow. It couldn’t have come at a better time, I have been making a few changes within myself and this just cemented my decisions for growth.  

Thank you for the opportunity. What an amazing gift they give.” 

Want to get involved? Remount runs programs all year round dedicated to veterans and their families, but spaces are limited. If you feel like saddling up, please get in touch at  

Looking to get involved in sport in your region? Connect with our staff through your local Facebook group or email 

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