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Jump, climb or roll your way through these adventure activities.

Adventure activities encompass a diverse range of physically and mentally challenging pursuits that often involve pushing one’s boundaries and embracing the thrill of the unknown. One exciting facet of adventure activities is the rise of military-inspired obstacle courses, exemplified by the likes of our partners at True Grit in Australia.

These courses are more than races; they are tests of resilience, strength, and teamwork. Participants confront physically demanding obstacles, rugged terrains, and endurance challenges, mirroring the demanding conditions that our military personnel face. Engaging in these obstacle courses extends the benefits beyond the physical realm, fostering mental fortitude, determination, and camaraderie.

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Invictus Australia has partnered with True Grit. This collaboration signifies a significant step in Invictus Australia’s mission to enhance the well-being of veterans and their families through sport. By joining forces, both organisations aim to create life-changing experiences for veterans across the nation.

True Grit, renowned for its demanding obstacle course races, is excited to see members of ‘Team Veteran’, est. by Invictus Australia, compete and challenge themselves at events around the nation.

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“True Grit is honoured to be joining forces with Invictus Australia given our courses are inspired by the incredible spirit of our military personnel. We have always admired the resilience and determination of our veterans, and through this partnership, we can harness the power of our events to empower them on their journey of recovery, wellness or reintegration. We look forward to providing a platform that celebrates their strength, supports their wellbeing, and fosters a strong community of like-minded individuals.” 

Tom Gilmartin

true grit director

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