Water Polo

Where athleticism, strategy, and teamwork make waves of excellence.

Water polo is a thrilling water-based team sport that combines elements of swimming, soccer, and basketball. Played in a pool, this high-energy game is not only a test of physical and mental strength but also a fantastic way for veterans to stay active and engage in a fun, competitive aquatic activity.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, water polo provides a unique and challenging experience that fosters teamwork and offers a great way for veterans to maintain their fitness and overall well-being. Dive into the excitement of water polo and discover the benefits it brings to veterans’ health and camaraderie.

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Water Polo Australia, as the national governing body and our partner, champions the growth of water polo across the nation and priorities making the sport accessible to all. Their expertise and resources ensure that individuals of all backgrounds can experience the mental and physical well-being benefits of the sport whether a competitor, coach or volunteer.

We periodically put on events in partnership with sporting bodies to showcase the sports, specifically for veterans and families. To keep up to date with upcoming events join your local Facebook group.

If you are interested in a sport that isn’t listed on our website, get in touch. With our contacts in the sporting industry, we have avenues to explore to help you find your tribe. 

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“Water Polo provides many avenues for veterans and their families to get involved in a welcoming family friendly community, whether it be through participating as part of a team in a local competition, coaching, officiating or volunteering as part of a committee or club member, the opportunities for forming strong connections are endless. ”



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