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Allied Winter Sports Camp a huge success for Aussie Veterans

From 21st Feb – 2nd March 2023, Invictus Australia, in partnership with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), sent a team of six former and current serving wounded, injured and ill veterans to Whistler as part of the Allied Winter Sports Camp.

The team were selected from the ADF Adaptive Sport Program, which is open to former & current service personnel from all branches of the regular or reserve ADF who have become wounded, injured or ill during their service. 

The camp is an annual activity last attended in February 2020 (Covid-19 impacts) where the Commander of Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group invited Australia to participate in a program of activities in Canada, along with other countries including the UK, USA and Canada. 

Our team had the opportunity to bond new pals from Canada, United Kingdom, and United States of America who are all using this opportunity as part of their recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration journey.

The 10-day camp gave participants the opportunity to test out a number of new sports including Sledge Hockey, Bobsleigh, Biathlon and a number of other Alpine sports.

Invictus Australia Teams and Events Coordinator, Anne Rutlidge, said the camp was a great experience for all involved.

“The camp wasn’t about winning, it was all about recovery and using sport as part of your healing journey. The longer the camp went on you could see the positive impact it was having.”

“To meet so many new people, with a shared background, and all come together and participate in new activities and thrive was the most pleasing part. It really provided everyone an opportunity to get out and try some new sports in a safe and supportive environment while challenging themselves over multiple days to build their skills.”

“The location was the perfect backdrop for the whole experience, it was such a beautiful landscape and the facilities allowed our participants to really involve themselves in the experience. We can’t thank Soldier On Canada enough for hosting us.” She continued.

Check out the full gallery of photos: 2023 AWSC WHISTLER | Flickr

Sport and Recovery

The role sport has in the recovery, rehabilitation and wellbeing of current & former serving veterans can be transformative, and in cases like Corporal Jason Moore, life saving.

“With my mental health challenges, I have good days and bad, just like everyone else. But on those days where it seems too much to carry on, to face the world or even get out of bed in the morning, sport has always been there. It’s given me purpose and drive when I haven’t had any. It’s given me a sense of belonging when I’ve felt empty and alone inside.” 

Corporal Jason Moore

Winter Camp Participant

Which is why at Invictus Australia we are dedicated to opportunities like this, and the upcoming Invictus Games including Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 this September and the Invictus Games Canada 2025. In many ways, this Sports Camp is a wonderful precursor for what we can expect at the first hybrid Summer/Winter Invictus Games, taking place across Vancouver and Whistler.  

If you’d like to get involved in future opportunities, contact us at or follow us on social media to keep up to date with all activities.

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